Finding Katnis

Why sustainable Fashion? 

The garment industry is stated to be the second biggest pollutant on earth, right after the Oil industry. As consumers we have the ability to vote for sustainably made clothing, as an attempt to lessen the garment industry's impact on our planet. 

My name is Kat, and I am the founder and writer of Finding Katnis, which bloomed from my travel adventures with my partner Dennis. From documenting our trips around the world, I saw an opportunity to incorporate my love of fashion which led me to doing a little more research on the garment industry. It wasn't long before I became horrified by the ugly side of the beautiful clothes we all wear. As an attempt to subdue my shopping obsession, and reduce my carbon footprint, I extended Finding Katnis from a collection of photos to a blog where I could document my journey into this new lifestyle of sustainability. 

My goal is never to pressure, but encourage others to shop consciously. As consumers we vote with our dollars and promote the types of brands we want to succeed. I hope that by following my journey, we can start the conversation on the latest environmentally friendly fabrics, ethics in the work place, and the life cycle of our clothes. 

Cover photo taken by Paris Photographer Saq Imtiaz

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