Leave it up to me to turn the laborious act of picking fruit into an impromptu fashion shoot. Going by the words of my mother, “Mejor muerta que sensilla” (better dead than simple), I walked out to my front porch and began plucking grapefruit from our abundant tree, while Dennis Hamm snapped a couple of photos. The blend of green leaves, with orange grapefruit baring hints of pink, offered the perfect color story to compliment my sustainable outfit of the day.

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Now about the outfit. In the spirit of versatility, I purchased the Zenia one-piece swimsuit from the Swedish brand, Underprotection. I was first introduced to the sustainable brand through their lingerie made from recycled materials and other sustainable fabrics such as Viscose made from Bamboo. They also carry loungewear and swim. Their Dotty Teddy is one of my go-to lounge pieces for tea dates on my front porch, so I took the plunge and placed an international order to have their Zenia Swimsuit shipped from Sweden to LA. It is made of recycled polyester, and has a lot of stretch to it, so I know it’ll keep up with my ever-changing shape. The best part about the one-piece? It works just as well as a top as it does for swimming. The sleeves can be worn straight across, or rolled up for a more modest look. I have paired it with light to medium wash jeans, tie waist shirred pants, jean skirts, wide-leg linen trousers…. The outfit combinations are endless. This is why this one-piece always makes its way into my suitcase for last minute travel plans. I just never know when I’ll want to take a dip in a rooftop pool after brunching in Montreal, or Paris, or wherever it is Katnis adventures take me next.

My shoes are from the Ethical brand Nisolo. They’re based in Nashville, Tennessee and make their products using sustainable methods at their factory in Peru, where workers are paid fair trade wages with benefits such as health care. They even donated portions of their profits to the Peru Flood relief efforts after the devastating floods that affected the country earlier this year. My Elizabeth slides in the honey color are comfortable enough for all-day wear. The 2.25” heels bring me from work to cocktail hour, where compliments are abundant. Click here to get $25 off your first Nisolo order.

Since my move to LA, I’ve acquired a taste for grapefruit. This power fruit offers a boost for your immune system, is rich in vitamin C, and helps promote healthy weight loss (for those of you looking for a safe and efficient way to cut body fat). At least once a week this summer I have walked out to my front porch and picked a few for new recipes. Last week I experimented with smoothies – Grapefruit with peaches, bananas, and almond milk was my favorite combo. This week it has been all about the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice before meals. Perhaps this upcoming week I’ll finally try out some cocktails and a grapefruit body scrub for end of summer glowing skin.


Yummy grapefruit smoothies!

Yummy grapefruit smoothies!

For recipes and more fun facts about the benefits of grapefruit, follow my quirky little pinterest board!